Trailer, 2007
Trailer, 2007
Trailer, 2007
Trailer, 2007

Trailer, 2007

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Berlinische Galerie
Heidelberg, Kehrer Verlag, 2007
Text: Andreas Schalhorn
German / English
hardcover, 64 pages
19,7 × 21 cm / 7.7 × 8.2 in
ISBN 978-3-939583-60-8

Personal dedications can be written upon request.


In her artist's book "Trailer", Brigitte Waldach works with the interconnection of coloured photographs and drawings conceived in red, which both centre on a lonely female figure (Fritzi Haberlandt) in different locational contexts. In analogy to a cinema trailer, Waldach's "Trailer" is on the one hand to be understood as a promoting announcement of a planned feature film combined with animated cartoon scenes. On the other hand, it constitutes a self-contained work of art, a kaleidoscope-like structured video clip in book form.